Confirming your service with A.C.E., Inc is easy. Simply call 800.987.4680 to arrange and confirm your service. We serve and deliver documents, letters and papers throughoutn the nation.

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What is needed before we can work for you.

1. When you ask us to deliver and serve legal documents, all we need is one copy / set of the documents. When permitted by the laws of YOUR state you may email us your documents.

2. When you ask us to deliver a demand, notification and or letter, you may email us one copy / set of documents.

3. You must be certain the address to where we will be delivering and serving your documents is correct. We charge by the address, per person. Making sure you have a correct address is important and will keep your fees to a minimum.  If you do not know the address, please call us NOW. We can investigate and find the address for you. there is an additional fee for this service.

3. Payment for services can be made by credit card, money order or law firm check. All services are prepaid ONLY.

Call 800. 987. 4680 or email to confirm your fee and to arrange service.

Nationwide Process and Delivery Services are Available Everyday and Anywhere in the USA

24 / 7, Rain or Shine; Snow, Sleet or Hail; Fire, Flooding, Wind or Heat; we serve process like nobody else can or will. Serving Subpoena's, Orders Writs, Citations and Summonses is our business. Handling your request is our priority !

Call 800-987-4680 or email to confirm your fee and to confirm your service.


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